SAWC 2020 e-Poster - Digital Transformation of a Diabetes Foot Service, South Derbyshire


SAWC 2020 VIRTUAL July 2020

Digital Transformation of a Multidisciplinary Diabetes Foot Service in South Derbyshire, UK
Game, Bunting, Coppel, & Patel, 2020

CWMQKABC-Badge3111Highest scoring poster abstract, Evidence-Based Practice, SAWC 2020  

A new model of diabetes foot care is described, involving successful deployment of a digital wound assessment solution (Silhouette, ARANZ Medical) as a technology enabler.

Results and key learnings are discussed, highlighting:

  • Successful transition of diabetes foot care from hospital out-patient care to community clinics, closer to patient's home
  • Associated reduced cost of service delivery, based on tariff costs
  • Improved patient satisfaction on time to be seen and confidence in care
  • Maintenance of clinical quality and outcomes

To make it easier to review the information online, the download file is an A4 PDF format of the SAWC 2020 VIRTUAL e-Poster.


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