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Entec Health launches new Wound Care Formulary App Service

Publish your organisation's wound management formulary as a mobile app


Overview of solution & service

Entec Health is a specialist provider of health technology solutions for health innovation. Entec Health is launching a new digital wound management formulary mobile app service.

Healthcare organisations issue Wound Management and Wound Formulary guidance to provide practitioners with recommended protocols and approved dressings/products based on a review of effectiveness, suitability, acceptability and cost-effectiveness.

The Wound Care Buddy Formulary App from Entec Health is a new cloud-based service which enables NHS Trusts and other Healthcare Provider Organisations to publish their Wound Management Guidelines and Formulary content as a Mobile App quickly and cost-effectively.

The Wound Care Buddy Formulary App fits perfectly with digital mobile working, enabling front line staff to access information instantly on wound management protocols and approved dressings on formulary, at the point of care. 

Entec Health has collaborated with a leading London NHS Foundation Trust and consulted with a range of expert wound care practitioners to guide the quality and value of the Wound Care Buddy App family and Platform.

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The Wound Care Buddy App and the Wound Care Buddy App Platform copyright 2016 Entec Health Limited


WCB Formulary App example screen 2-1.png 

Wound Care Buddy App - cateogy listing to reflect organisation's Wound Management Formulary.  

Six Advantages for Best Practice:

1/ Enables clients to publish their Wound Management Formulary as a smart Mobile App quickly and cost-effectively compared to setting it up as a single organisation in a solo project.  

2/ Enables healthcare professionals to access their organisation's Wound Care Buddy Formulary App on the go - giving them the right information at the right time to support safe, effective care.

3/ The Wound Care Buddy App generates anonymised analytics on adoption and user visits per screen to give invaluable insights on the information that users are seeking out and using.  

4/ Supports training, best practice and formulary compliance with a dynamic, easy to use and engaging mobile app. 

5/ Supports less experienced and interim staff with essential Wound Management Formulary Guidance at the point of care to build greater confidence and independence on best practice.

6/ Equips and empowers health professionals at all levels on delivering consistent wound care practice and optimising value for money of wound care dressings spend.

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