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Silhouette steps up to enable new model of care for management of diabetes foot ulcers 

Technology-enabled diabetes foot service

Entec Health is proud to be an industry contributor to a successful new model of care developed for managing patients with diabetes foot ulcers. The service innovation is helping patients in Derbyshire to receive their care closer to home.

A live demonstrator has been established, with the support of East Midlands AHSN, in partnership with Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, Southern Derbyshire and Erewash CCGs. 

The Silhouette digital ulcer assessment solution enables HCPs to objectively assess DFU healing progress and response to treatment. Using the accurate DFU progress data, HCPs can confidently optimise treatment and timely referral to specialist MDT care.

The Silhouette system data is available in real time at the point of care and also via remote access to a web-enabled information database to support telehealth consultation across the DF pathway.

The Silhouette solution enables transformation of the diabetes foot service in following ways:

  • Evidence-based, outcomes-focused care
  • Timely care, closer to home in community
  • Reduction in outpatient appointments
  • Avoidance of hospital admissions
  • Improved service access for patients
  • Reduction in cost of service delivery

Please download the EMAHSN Impact Report on the Silhouette demonstrator initiative, using the webpage form. 

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Silhouette® is developed and manufactured by ARANZ Medical Limited. Entec Health is an appointed distributor of Silhouette in the UK.

EMAHSN Impact Report image.png

THe EMAHSN Impact Report (November 2017) summarises the initiative goals and results achieved to date.

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